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На этой странице Вы можете скачать песню REDZED - Geezer!. Слушайте песни в онлайн хорошем качестве, со своего телефона на Android, iphone или пк в любое время.
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Клип на песню: REDZED - Geezer

Текст песни: REDZED - Geezer


I smoke a pack everyday with the ash of my enemies
I know you mad, 'cause I'm all 'bout them felonies
You think you got it, motherfucker, are you tripping?
Trees 'bout to break when I walk, I'm the dripping

Oh, bitch, I'm hot, spit fire, I'm a dragon in the vein
I could put you in a lava any motherfucking day
And from the wound I been doing all this sick shit
I hate myself and I wanna fucking quit shit

Oh, it's the vampire coming out the fucking crypt, bitch
Going out at night, I put fuckers in a big ditch
Don't get in my sight, you could end up in a freezer
I been living long, ready looking like a geezer

Now was silently spoken
That I am the broken
And hating the life

And you think it's so easy
To stay out of freezing
When it's so divine

These riddles, they are messing
With my head, I turn to fear
These skeletons are watching
Me in sleep, I know they here
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