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Amy Winehouse

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Клип на песню: Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Текст песни: Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Drinking lean smoking kush, taking molly's on, molly's on
Uhhh, R.I.P that Amy Winehouse
Drinking lean smoking kush, taking molly's on, molly's on
Yeah, R.I.P that Amy Winehouse
Yeah I need to go to rehab, I need to go to rehab, I need to go to rehab
Yeah I need to go to rehab, I need to go to rehab, I need to go to rehab

Codeine in my system, movin' slower than a Screw tape
And I took a Vicodin like I got a tooth ache
Purple in the Sprite, I mix it up, I'm like a scientist
Have you ever took a shroom? then you Miley Cyrus
Started take the MDA and man I think I'm in NBA
Sipping purple, sipping yellow, 24 out today
Smoking on that California, first thing when I awake
Sound of the wife it go, you can call me Future blake
I heard she like to hit the flake, I heard she like to sip the lean
'Bout to take her to the moon, I'ma fuck her on the bean
Drinking me some dirty Sprite, I won't drink it if its clean
Welcome to my drugs state, Amy Winehouse R.I.P

Uhh, I just tried the Miley Cyrus
Uhh, and I'm feelin very violent
Uhh, Ion know which car I'm driving in
Uhh, you say you sell it then I buy it
Drinking Easter Pink, smoking loud and it stinks
My eyes wide open, I can barely damn blink
I'm rolling like a 18 ruler down the street
Future Hendrix working I ain't been to sleep in three weeks
Rockstar status, I get higher than a satellite
I gotta blow the strong just so I can have a appetite
Astronaut forever nigga even in my afterlife
Rest in peace to Amy Winehouse I'm bout to take flight

Mix the purple with the Sprite – it turn pink
Sprinkle molly in the drink and then you drink
I'm Young Pluto but right now I'm off of Venus
I stay turned up to the max and I be leanin
My girl say I need some help but I can't see it
I know Scotty and I'm fresh in European
I keep shades over my eyes because they real (cause I'm high)
I would never be sober until I'm dead (ain't no lie)
I blow kush to clear the stress that's in my head
I took a percosette, now I can't feel my legs
I'm in your city and I just jumped off the jet
Rest in peace to Amy Winehouse, I can't forget ya
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