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Going Deeper, RIKA
Right Back

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  • Жанры: Электроника
  • Дата релиза: 7-04-2021, 12:16
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Текст песни Going Deeper, RIKA - Right Back

[Intro Lil Dicky & DJ Greg Nitty]
(Greg Nitty!)
This is the first time I ever rapped on the radio, I just want you to know that
(Okay, let's go)
Just know it
(L-Let's go in)

[Verse 1]
I don't know the definition, fuck is average?
I've been sitting, watching Waiters
So impatient like it's baggage claim
I'm 'bout to be the greatest, naked pictures in my chat
These other rappers fucking lazy, word to banging in a hammock
Y'all ain't even hanging
Y'all ain't in the running boy
I'm fucking up the track, like the youngin' in the runnin'
Y'all are lighter with the fire, I won a match
He be like "Naw I'm bout it bro", how you get at that?
These bitches tryna rap, they don't get they time rappin'
I'm coming
Like I'm fucking, they Underwood and to be Frank I ain't frontin'
Word to Kevin Spacey
On another level debatably crazier
The shit they play beside the porn that you playin'
At a matinee eatin' Dippin' Dots, getting checks
Fuck I care that my Twitter not... I care a little bit
Algorithm isn't doin' it's job, assumin' it's flawed
They probably not believin' the Hobbes
The nice boy been ballin', white boy been a dank King, Scot Pollard
Gotta tell my mom "Stop calling", but dog
Confused about my destiny
Making me repeat myself like I was judging spelling bees but
I'm just tryna smoke weed, grab a quesarito
Got azul by a Spanish chick, muy bonito
Or bonita, that's my vita
Keep the rapping type both ways, dexterous, where my rita?
And when it's y'all it's a nice sound
When it's me it be like "Everybody pipe down"
Y'all the background, play your part ho
Chex Mix, grubbin' up at Wells Fargo
Had to make a new account, did 'em with the checks mix
Y'all are tryna fit in, I'm the one who playin' Tetris
This is the beginning of my day, it's breakfast
Y'all the minibars, y'all got mini bars
Walk up in this bitch like I was born bread
Going deeper with this spitting, like some porn head
Picture every rapper laying on the floor dead
While I'm in a chair, cross legged, eating cornbread
I just fucked a black chick
Yeah I'm proud, if that's racist suck a black dick
I'm the one going straight to the top
Don't mistake it, it's not that flagrant when you blatantly flop
I stay down, like my date gown in this bitch
I'm bout to hit the playground, straight clown all these kids
Watching ladybugs with your lady, got it made like that
Cleaning house like a maid might rap
Don't play with you lame type cats
Same shit for days, motherfucker, if you cold I got flames
Y'all the ice caps
I bet money y'all don't even know about the ice caps
I don't know that much either tho, 'bout the ice caps


[Intro Lil Dicky & DJ Greg Nitty]
Uh, ooh
Yuh, ey
(This is Part 2. Yo talk to 'em man)
Uh, sure

[Verse 2]
We can start with the rap
Flowing like malls, like "Ah there's a Gap"
Go in my call logs, dogs wanna chat
Big dogs
Missed calls
Lot of motherfuckers in the league know L
And I just had brunch with Embiid and Noel
And I just got fucked and was sucked by a dumb slut
Usually I like 'em Ivy League, oh well
Summer camp, I've been going H.A.M
Young man with that choppa'
That's rifelry, I like movies, I'm going H.A.M. for that Oscar
I'm way far on their radar, like they know I'm comin', that's Doppler
They borin' to me, that's opera, I'm scorin' beauties, that's soccer
Me and Jonah Hill smoked
Then we talkin' shit 'bout how the rest of y'all blow
Then we take a dip up in his pool, pretty cool
Not the pool, shit is hot
Just a view from the spot, shit is hot
Bunch of blonde bitches laughing all night
Me and Busta Rhymes meet in Venice for a bite
Talking shit about a comedy scene, the shit is so light he tell me
Can't disagree, get it right he tell me, I mean
I thought by now he can see that I'm witty
Down in L.A. I been running the city
Ask anybody in music or film who got next in this bitch
And they all sayin' "Dicky"
I just do it like it's nothin' to it
Life getting pretty sweet like I fondue it
I'm killing bitches in my lane on some T. Stewart
And I've been scoring prevent, yeah the dime blew it
I'm the man, bro
I don't really care what the fuck you think
And my steak look rare, but I grub that pink
And the grundle stink
And I bump NSYNC
Don't suck dick, but I blow that good
Don't want shit, but a ho that would
Lemme hold that, ben and fold that
Get a Kodak, Cowboy, Jerry Jones that, lemme own that
Fuck that girl
I got hair, never cut them curls
And it's truth or dare, with a cute au pair
Get a room to share, hit a boom, Pat Burrell
Spit that turd, that's that shit
Yo girl up on my dick
I'm 'bout to sperm up on them hips
Don't want to murder us a kid
Oh shit, what you say?
Don't you do this everyday?
Don't you usually go with double meat when you eat Chipotle?
Don't your crew lack someone black, but you want one to hang?
No slave
I heard your boo got so much back
She bangin' that Notre Dame clock
I'm faded tho
Fucking bitches you'd label undatable
Missing birthdays, ay belated, bruh
Naked out in San Fran on that roof top
Tan cans, no tube top
I'm the motherfucking man, god damn
And these motherfucking bitches full of shit like zoo mops
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